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Rodgers calls for security review at all Belfast City Council Cemeteries

Ulster Unionist Councillor, Alderman Jim Rodgers OBE, who is Chair of Belfast City Council's Cemeteries and Cremations Working Group, has called for a review of security at all Belfast City Council Cemeteries.

Alderman Rodgers said:

"I was appalled at the attack on the Jewish graves in the City Cemetery. It was another horrid act of anti-semitism against the Jewish community of Belfast who have given so much to the life and wellbeing of this City. The thugs who were responsible need brought to justice as quickly as possible but that will only happen if the PSNI have information with which to apprehend the perpetrators.

"That's why I am calling for a review of security at all Belfast City Council Cemeteries and have asked for it to be on the agenda of the Peoples and Communities Committee which is due to meet in two weeks time. The review should include the City Cemetery, Dundonald, Roselawn, Knockbreda, Knock and Balmoral.

"This isn't the first time that the Jewish graves have been vandalised and unless there is something done about it, it will happen again and again. There have been other incidents of people either under the influence of drugs, or even distributing drugs within the confines of City Cemeteries, causing trouble and wrecking graves, but very few have been brought to justice. I'm not aware of the last time that someone appeared in court in relation to causing damage in one of the City Cemeteries. Unfortunately we may need to consider installing security cameras. 

"These thugs need to be caught and punished so that a strong message is sent out that the law abiding people of Belfast are not prepared to put up with this."

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