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Ulster Unionist Party delegation in Brussels on a fact-finding mission

The Ulster Unionist Party is in Brussels this week, on a fact-finding mission following the Referendum decision to withdraw from the European Union.

Party Leader Mike Nesbitt said:

“The 24th of June has brought on an era of uncertainty that could last a decade or more. We are here seeking information and clarity, because while the expression ‘Brexit means Brexit’ is catchy, the problem is that no one knows what it actually means and that is bad for the economy.

“Within a couple of hours, it was clear that the uncertainty stretches to Brussels. No one knows who will be negotiating for the UK, who they will be dealing with, or the terms of engagement.

“It is easy to define the threats, as the First Ministers did in their letter to Theresa May, but the bigger challenge is to identify the opportunities and now that the people have voted for Brexit, there is a duty on the NI Executive to give us a vision of how Northern Ireland can prosper in a post-EU environment.”

The Leader of the Opposition concluded:

“Whether it is agriculture, financial services, the voluntary and community sector, or our universities, we need to know what Europe has in mind and move quickly to shape that thinking for the benefit of all the people of Northern Ireland.”

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