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Freshers’ Fair success for the Ulster Unionist Party

Sandra Overend MLA, Ulster Unionist Party Deputy Whip, has welcomed overwhelming interest from students in the Ulster Unionist Party following attendance at University Freshers’ Fairs.

Mrs Overend said:

“During Freshers’ Week the Ulster Unionist Party and Young Unionists attended Freshers’ Fairs across all four Ulster University campuses as well as Queen’s University Belfast. Both Universities and their Students’ Unions should be commended on a fantastic week of activities and we offer our thanks to them and their students for a very warm welcome.

“Universities have always been a great place to meet young people and students from all constituencies in Northern Ireland and indeed from further afield. We remain committed to engaging and supporting young people in Northern Ireland and are particularly enthused by the feedback we received from students at Freshers’ Fairs.

“The level of interest in the Ulster Unionist Party was encouraging and we are thrilled to welcome just under 140 new party supporters who will add further vibrance and energy to our party membership. Young people are particularly interested in the prospect of an active and effective opposition and are relieved to finally see a challenge to the ineffective Sinn Fein DUP coalition.

“With our party conference on the horizon we are planning the launch of some new initiatives for the development of young people and women in the party and look forward to watching support for the party grow in the wake of our move into Opposition.

Samuel Watson, a student who signed up to the party at Ulster University Magee, said:

“I was very glad to see the Ulster Unionist Party on campus and can’t wait to set up a student society here. It is great to see some normality in politics now with the UUP as part of the Official Opposition and I am confident they will make sure that young people are not left behind under the current Northern Ireland Executive.

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