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Time for Arlene Foster to reveal what she knows about the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme - Aiken

Steve Aiken OBE MLA, the Ulster Unionist Party`s Economy spokesperson, has called on Arlene Foster to reveal what whistleblowers told her about the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme and when they told her.

Mr Aiken said:

“Arlene Foster's party conference speech was conspicuous by the absence of mention of the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. It is clear that she is now intent on attempting to pass the buck over a monumental scandal which will cost this country hundreds of millions of pounds - money which could have been put to good use in attempting to alleviate the crisis in hospital waiting lists.

“Only last week we saw monies being diverted from other priorities to help pay for a debacle, the like of which we have never seen before. A debacle presided over by Arlene Foster. For someone to whom ‘detail is important’ she has demonstrated a shocking inability to get across it.

“She is now that desperate to absolve herself of any responsibility that she has resorted to blaming the DETI Committee. And if that doesn't work, any civil servant will do. Instead of flailing around, Mrs Foster should finish off her interview in the Irish News and explain what the whistleblowers told her and when they told her.”


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