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Cross-border trade must continue unhindered after Brexit - Kinahan

Ulster Unionist MP Danny Kinahan has stressed that Brexit must not be an impediment to cross-border trade.

Mr Kinahan, who sits on the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee, was commenting after the Committee held its first evidence session on the future of the land border with the Republic of Ireland.

The South Antrim MP said:

“The evidence presented today from EU constitutional experts at the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee outlined many different possibilities for the future of the border.

“It is paramount that going forward we ensure that cross-border trade is able to continue unfettered by tariffs and unnecessary checks.

“In particular today we heard how supply chains in the agricultural sector typically move North to South. If these goods are subject to high tariffs this could be detrimental to our vital agri-food industry.

“It is imperative that in any Brexit deal, Northern Ireland products are able to flow freely across the border, without additional costs or barriers.”



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