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Arrogant DUP desperate to deflect from RHI


  • DUP clearly unnerved by recent events


  • DUP demand that public vote for them displays arrogance


Ulster Unionist Upper Bann candidate Doug Beattie MC said: 

“How much longer will the DUP try to treat the public as if they are fools? They are so desperate to stop people looking at the huge RHI shaped elephant in the room that they are waving the “stop Sinn Fein” card again.  It’s the same message from them election after election, followed by the same long list of failures, scandals, incompetence and arrogance. These are not unionist values, yet this is what has been served up to public during the DUP’s ten long years in Stormont Castle.   

“Who do they think they are, telling the public that they must vote DUP?  This is just typical of their arrogant attitude.   

“The DUP are clearly unnerved by recent events.  The public are craving a real fresh start with parties who are ready to form a coalition of the willing, capable of building trust, showing mutual respect and putting the country above petty party interests.   The Ulster Unionist Party will focus on the growing number ready to join those voting for change.”

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