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Was Foster asleep at the wheel over RHI cost control?


  • Concern over RHI cost control revelations


  • Why did Foster not implement cost controls in 2013?  

Alan Chambers, Ulster Unionist Assembly candidate for North Down, has expressed deep concern over today’s latest installment in the RHI scandal that Arlene Foster was warned about the lack of cost controls in the non-domestic scheme as early as 2013.  

Alan Chambers said:  

“Todays revelations are deeply concerning. Only 2 months ago in the Assembly Arlene Foster stated when she was Minister for the Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment she ‘did not receive any indication that cost control of the non-domestic scheme was an urgent priority.’  

“Yet we now know Mrs. Foster had been advised by civil servants that cost control measures should have been implemented as early as 2013.  

“She clearly has questions to answer over the RHI scandal which is seeing the public now paying a bill of £85,000 per day as a result.  

“The question now is, was this a case of a Minister who was asleep at the wheel? At best, it looks like further gross incompetence.  

“Mrs. Foster should be coming forward now, openly and honestly, to explain why she took the actions she did, before the election on the 2nd March. Her silence will do nothing to restore public confidence in the integrity of the devolved institutions. The public will be the final arbitrator in this situation at the ballot box.”

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