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Ulster Unionists condemn arson attack on Altnaveigh Orange Hall

Danny Kennedy, Ulster Unionist Assembly candidate for Newry & Armagh, and Councillor David Taylor have expressed their disgust at an arson attack on Altnaveigh Orange Hall in Newry.

Danny Kennedy said:

“I condemn this hate crime which is deliberately timed by some republicans to raise tensions in the area in the run up to the election. The strategic position of Altnaveigh and its history clearly continues to play on the twisted and bigoted minds of those responsible for this attack.”

Councillor David Taylor said:

“The attack on the Orange Hall is a very sinister attempt to intimidate members of the local Orange Lodge. Altnaveigh Orange Lodge is very well renowned and widely respected within the Newry area and all right thinking people will offer strong condemnation of the attack.

“I am very confident that the members of Altnaveigh Orange Lodge will stand firm against this intimidation and appeal for anyone with information on the attack to report it to the police as soon as possible.”

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