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Latest DUP claims are pathetic

·         DUP letters are pathetic

·         Their record in government is appalling

·         DUP attempting to blackmail unionist electorate

Robert Foster, Ulster Unionist Assembly candidate for North Belfast, said:

“The DUP cannot run on their record because all they have left is fear. The latest letters distributed in North Belfast from the DUP are an admission that their record in government with their Sinn Fein coalition partners has been truly appalling.

“I am as proud a Unionist as Nigel Dodds or any of his DUP colleagues, so to read a pathetic letter from the DUP claiming that a vote for me or any other Unionist candidate will strengthen Sinn Fein, is downright disgusting.

“I`ve known many of Nigel Dodds’ colleagues for years and they know me. But to have them cast those types of aspersions against me or others is a new low, even for the DUP. For years now, the DUP have got away with effectively blackmailing the unionist electorate of North Belfast saying vote for them because they can beat the drum the loudest, but please ignore everything else they`ve been up to. It is absolutely pathetic. The fact is that the voters aren`t going to be taken in by that game anymore. They can see right through the DUP.

“Nelson McCausland was up to his neck in the furore surrounding the Red Sky scandal, his party has been engulfed by incompetence, and RHI continues to send £85,000 per day up in smoke. That`s some record, even by the DUP`s standards. It`s time for change and that`s why people should vote Ulster Unionist on Thursday.”

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