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Ulster Unionists condemn Carrickfergus murder and call for security crackdown

The two Ulster Unionist MLAs for East Antrim, Roy Beggs and John Stewart, have condemned the murder of a man in Carrickfergus.

Roy Beggs MLA said:

“The murder of George Gilmore and the attempted murder which preceded it must be condemned without reservation.  These vicious attacks are shocking reminders that there are still people in our society who are prepared to use extreme violence to exert control in parts of the community.

“The events in and around Carrickfergus over the past few days have been horrendous.  Action needs to be taken to bring a degree of security to the entire community.  I support a strong security response by the PSNI to ensure guns are found and removed, so that no one else is caught up in the cross fire of a bloody feud which has gone on for far too long.”

 John Stewart MLA said:

“The events of the last 48 hours are truly shocking.  Guns on the street and extreme violence being used is something which demands a strong and resolute response – not just from the police, but by the wider community.  The vast majority of the people of Carrickfergus are sickened by the continued existence and activities of those who describe themselves as loyalist paramilitaries.  The worry is that innocent people could be harmed if this feud continues to escalate. 

“I would plead for everyone to turn their backs once and for all on paramilitaries of whatever type and faction.  The only way to end the violence is to give unqualified support and assistance to the legitimate forces of law and order - the PSNI."

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