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Root and branch review of Police Ombudsman`s office needed

Root and branch review of Police Ombudsman`s office needed

  • Concern of gross betrayal of trust
  • Previous concerns raised directly with Ombudsman`s office
  • Root and branch review needed

Tom Elliott MP said:

“These are shocking revelations surrounding the Police Ombudsman`s office. The alleged unauthorised release of sensitive information to lawyers is a gross betrayal of trust and has the potential to drive a coach and horses through the reputation of the Ombudsman`s office.

“I’ve had concerns for a long time about issues in the office and raised some of them directly through questions to it. I was concerned and remain concerned that allegations of issues within the Police Ombudsman`s office have been investigated by its own staff and not the PSNI or any other outside body. Given the central role which some are suggesting the office will have in dealing with legacy cases, there needs to be a root and branch review before this can happen.

“Serious questions need answered. Where does the accountability lie or is the Police Ombudsman`s office a law unto itself? The Office also needs to make clear when it became aware of the alleged unauthorised release of information and what actions it took and when. The seriousness of this matter should not be underestimated.

“The Ombudsman needs to be as open and transparent as is practically possible - the sooner the better.”


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Former NI Police Ombudsman investigator arrested:


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