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Devolution can’t be brushed off until after June 8 – Swann

  • Northern Ireland should not have to endure weeks of rudderless drift
  • Public need devolved institutions back on stable footing

Ulster Unionist Party leader, Robin Swann MLA said:

“While the Secretary of State has provided some further breathing space to allow an Executive to be formed, no one should forget that we are rapidly heading towards a real budget crisis.  Parties cannot be complacent about this window and allow Northern Ireland to endure further weeks of rudderless drifting.

“While some may be keen to now switch full tilt into election mode we need to remember that just last month the people of Northern Ireland elected 90 MLAs to make decisions locally, that can’t just be brushed off until after 8 June.

“Things like public finances and our health service can’t simply be put on ice without consequence.   The most vulnerable will quickly begin to feel the pinch if the devolved institutions do not get back on a stable footing and start delivering quickly.”


Ulster Unionists