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McGrory decision to step aside is the right one - Kinahan

Danny Kinahan, the Ulster Unionist Party’s Westminster candidate for South Antrim, has welcomed the news that Barra McGrory, the Director of Public Prosecutions, is to step down at the end of the summer.

Danny Kinahan said:

“Barra McGrory’s decision to step down from his role as the Director of Public Prosecutions will be welcomed by many people who have watched with dismay at certain decisions reached by the DPP under his stewardship.

“I am not known for knee-jerk reactions or unwarranted criticism, but I myself called for him to resign just a week and a half ago because of my concerns over the handling of a case involving a former soldier, Dennis Hutchings, now aged 75, and other legacy cases.  

“I spoke out after prosecutors re-instated attempted murder charges against Mr Hutchings for a 1974 Troubles killing, which I felt was extremely unfair given that in March a judge had said there was insufficient evidence to proceed with the charge against him. Indeed, Mr Hutchings had been investigated twice and been told twice that he had no case to answer. The decision to over-rule an experienced district judge was met with disbelief and anger and was the final straw for many.   

“I said at the time that Barra McGrory’s reign as Director of Public Prosecutions had run its course and for the sake of public confidence, he should pack his bags and get out of the Public Prosecutor’s office.

“I therefore welcome the fact that he has now chosen the course of action he has, and sincerely hope that the lack of confidence which many people have in the office, can be restored as we move forward.”


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