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Alliance must clarify position on second referendum – Michael Henderson

  • Alliance confused message on Brexit
  • Special status would damage the economy
  • We want to get best Brexit deal for everyone

Ulster Unionist Westminster candidate for South Belfast, Cllr Michael Henderson has said that the EU referendum decision must be respected.

Mr Henderson was commenting after the Alliance’s Paula Bradshaw called for a second referendum on the Brexit deal, with the potential of staying in the European Union.

Cllr Michael Henderson said:

“Since the referendum result the Ulster Unionist Party has been clear, the days of ‘Remainers’ and ‘Brexiteers’ are over. Article 50 has been triggered, we are leaving the European Union. The referendum decision must be respected.

“It is disappointing that Paula Bradshaw wants to have a second referendum on the Brexit deal, with the possibility of staying in the European Union. The focus of all parties would be best served on getting the best deal for everyone in Northern Ireland in Brexit negotiations.

“The Alliance message appears confused. On Sunday, their Party leader accepted the referendum result and was only seeking a referendum on the final deal, now Paula Bradshaw is looking to leave open the possibility staying within the EU. They must now clarify their position.

“The concept of ‘special status’ for Northern Ireland within the EU which is being put forward by Alliance, as well as Sinn Fein, risks creating trade barriers with our largest trading partner, Great Britain, and would lead to immigration controls for Northern Ireland citizens when they travel to other parts of the UK.

“The Ulster Unionist Party will oppose this proposal at every step, which will damage our economy and our place in the Union.

“The Alliance response to Brexit is ill-thought out. The Ulster Unionist Party is committed to achieving a Brexit deal that works for our businesses, our universities, our farmers, our community & voluntary sector and our environment.”



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