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Fermanagh & South Tyrone deserves representation – Elliott

·         Sinn Fein MPs leave constituents with no voice

·         Ulster Unionists have made a difference

·         Northern Ireland needs 18 MPs in Parliament

Ulster Unionist Westminster candidate for Fermanagh & South Tyrone, Tom Elliott has said the people of Fermanagh & South Tyrone deserve representation at Westminster.

Tom Elliott said:

“We are constantly told by Sinn Fein that sending Northern Ireland MPs to Westminster doesn’t matter, that they don’t make a difference. If this is the case how come they send their one Northern Ireland MEP to the European Parliament with its 751 members?

“Where were Sinn Fein when I successfully lobbied the UK Government for funding to provide a Northern Ireland Air Ambulance? Where were they when I successfully pressed the Government to retain the EU level of farm subsidies to 2020? Where were they when I opposed an unfair rise in national insurance for self-employed people, forcing a U-turn from the Government? Where were they when I opposed George Osborne’s unfair tax credit proposals, which the Conservatives were defeated on?

“Where were they when I stood up for the WASPI women, pressing the Government to introduce fair transitional payments for those who have been disadvantaged, or pushing for rural communities to have a decent standard of broadband?

“The truth is, instead of working hard for their constituents in Parliament, Sinn Fein has been shouting from the sidelines, with no influence and leaving their constituents with no voice. There is no point electing glorified lobbyists.

“As the United Kingdom embarks on formal Brexit negotiations, it is vital that we have 18 voices in Parliament standing up for the interests of Northern Ireland and its people. I will be fighting for a Brexit deal that works for those living along the border, for our farmers, our small businesses, and our community & voluntary sector.

“The people of Fermanagh & South Tyrone deserve representation in Parliament and that is what I intend to give them.”



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