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When will Northern Ireland feel the benefit of £1bn investment package? - Swann

·         Transparency required over who can spend the £1bn
·         When will benefit of the investment be felt by the public?
Ulster Unionist Party Leader Robin Swann MLA said:
“It seems that confusion is continuing to reign over who can and will spend the money agreed as part of the Tory/DUP confidence and supply deal.  The Conservatives and DUP don’t seem to be on the same page as the Secretary of State on whether or not the money can only be spent by a functioning Executive in Northern Ireland.
“The public will rightly be wondering when they can expect to feel the benefit of this money, which raises another question.   If this money is not yet being factored into spending plans, could it be the next financial year before it starts being injected into projects? 
“Many of the areas this cash has been flagged to target, such as the health service, mental health and major infrastructure projects are in need of a financial boost urgently.   We need to have transparency from the Secretary of State and the DUP as to when we can realistically expect to see this money making a difference.  If it is Sinn Fein’s red lines that are holding up investment they need to be honest with the people of Northern Ireland as well.”

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