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Attempts to move border to Irish Sea would pull Belfast Agreement asunder – Jim Nicholson MEP


  • Border up the middle of Irish Sea totally unacceptable
  • Irish Government needs to make public statement on their position


Jim Nicholson MEP said:

“I have been warning of the dangers that calls for special status would see the border move to the middle of the Irish Sea.   The Ulster Unionist Party has been clear from the outset that this would be totally unacceptable and is not a policy that should be pursued by anyone. 

“The Irish Government need to make a very clear public statement on their position regarding border arrangements post-Brexit.  If this is their position, then it causes a major threat to the Belfast Agreement and would pull it asunder.  Such an arrangement would totally undermine the principle of consent.

“Any attempt to move the border into the middle of the Irish Sea is unhelpful, unwanted and unworkable.  If this is the policy that Mr Coveney is pursuing, then he needs to pull his horns in.”

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