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Jim Nicholson MEP welcomes publication of Brexit proposals

Ulster Unionist MEP Jim Nicholson has called on the EU27, including the Republic of Ireland, to cooperate with the UK to agree workable post-Brexit arrangements.  Mr Nicholson made the call following the publication of the UK Government’s proposals on post-Brexit border arrangements between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Jim Nicholson MEP said:

“I have always said that we needed to think outside the box to find workable post-Brexit border arrangements between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.  I therefore welcome that the UK Government has now published papers in relation to both the NI/ROI border and future customs arrangements - both of which contain innovative proposals.

“The UK has set out these potential solutions in good faith and it is now up to the EU27, including of course the Republic of Ireland, to consider and respond to them in a constructive way. 

“The reality is that the tone of the Republic of Ireland Government’s language has become less cooperative in recent months.   This is not the time for chest beating and grandstanding.  If they are serious about minimising disruption when the UK exits the European Union, then they have a responsibility to help identify workable solutions. 

 “The UK and all our EU partners have many shared objectives in these negotiations.  It is clearly in the best interests of everyone that all sides cooperate now and agree the nature of a series of post-Brexit arrangements that will affect the UK and EU both economically and socially for decades to come.” 

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