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Prime Minister raising Belfast job loss fear with US President welcomed

Ulster Unionist Economy spokesperson, Alan Chambers MLA, has welcomed an intervention from the Prime Minister over a threat to Northern Ireland Bombardier jobs arising from a US trade dispute.
Alan Chambers MLA said:
“I am glad that the Prime Minister has raised the issue of protecting Northern Ireland Bombardier jobs directly with the President of the United States.  The prospect of punitive fines being imposed on Bombardier is deeply concerning and I would appeal to the UK Government to do all they can to ensure jobs are not jeopardised by this dispute.
“Our manufacturing sector has been hard hit and no one wants to see another year where we are lamenting large scale jobs losses.  Bombardier is a major employer in Northern Ireland, so it is vital not just for the workers and their families, but also the local economy, that there is a positive resolution to this dispute.”

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