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Boeing should remember their own UK trade deal with MOD

Ulster Unionist economy spokesperson, Alan Chambers MLA, has reminded US aircraft maker Boeing that they have been the recent beneficiaries of UK Government defence contracts for their products.  He was speaking in wake of news that Boeing have made a complaint to the US Department of Commerce and the US International Trade Commission about government subsidies to Bombardier.

Alan Chambers said: 

“Boeing may think it is an opportune moment, with President Trump and his ‘America First’ rhetoric, to make complaints about their rivals Bombardier, who are such an important company in Northern Ireland and Canada.  However, they should appreciate that this cuts both ways.  At last year’s Farnborough Air Show, the Ministry of Defence announced that they had agreed a $2.3bn deal for 50 Apache AH- 64E helicopters.  These aircraft will be built in Mesa, Arizona USA….by the Boeing Company.

“These helicopters were acquired by the MOD under a foreign military sales deal agreed with Washington.  I sincerely hope, and expect that our Prime Minister reminded the President of the United States of this deal when she made her phone call to him earlier this week.

“Given that Boeing does not even make a plane that competes with Bombardier’s C series, their allegation of unfair competition is bogus and malicious. Boeing should withdraw their complaint forthwith.”

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