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Re-mark and review by CCEA required

Ulster Unionist education spokesperson, Rosemary Barton MLA, has said she is shocked and horrified at revelations on the BBC Nolan Show that some exam grades have been changed significantly after a review was requested.

Mrs Barton said:

“This is a shocking revelation. I cannot begin to imagine the frustration and annoyance that this is to pupils and parents. As a former teacher of 32 years, I know this will also be distressing for all the staff involved.

“We believe and trust that professional bodies like CCEA will not make such major mistakes, especially those which can have such a lasting impact on a young person’s entire future.

“Now that such a mistake has been exposed the question remains as to how many other children were given the wrong result?

“It is vital that the entire marking and scoring process by CCEA is reviewed. More urgently however they should investigate the cases that have been brought to their attention, particularly those that have been marked by individuals where there are such significant differences in the scores. I also believe it may be necessary to reopen the appeal process to allow those who received what they believe to be wrong scores to have them looked at again.

“It should also be noted that prior to an examination teachers make a submission to CCEA of the expected grade of a pupil – I would urge CCEA to check these against the actual grade awarded and if there is a great discrepancy to investigate immediately.”


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