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Chambers extremely disappointed at Dodds’s comments regarding Lady Hermon

The Ulster Unionist Party’s North Down MLA, Alan Chambers, has taken issue with comments made by the DUP’s North Belfast MP Nigel Dodds, in which he questioned the unionist credentials of North Down MP Lady Sylvia Hermon.  

Mr Chambers said:

“I was extremely disappointed at the comments made at Westminster by the DUP’s Nigel Dodds on Wednesday 6thDecember, in which he said that “Many in Northern Ireland now view (Lady Hermon) as being on the side of the Dublin government on these issues."

“Lady Hermon’s response was typically forthright.

I am a Unionist. I am not in the pocket of, am not propping up, and have not spoken to, the Dublin Government, and I strongly resent the implication, in his question, that I am doing that….

'Of course, I do not want Northern Ireland to be treated any differently from the rest of the United Kingdom.’

“Mr Dodds may not agree with what Lady Hermon had said, but the fact remains she has a mandate and is entitled to speak.

“The Brexit process presents major challenges, but what we must not lose sight of is the need to be respectful of the opinions of all sides.

“Unfortunately Mr Dodds’s comments were reminiscent of the type of politics which has done Unionism no favours in the past. Now more than ever, Northern Ireland and Unionism needs friends at Westminster and elsewhere.

“As Peter Robinson himself once said – ‘Unionism should stop looking for Lundys and start looking for converts.’

“It has not gone un-noticed that less than two weeks ago at the DUP Party Conference, their Director of Elections Simon Hamilton, declared North Down to be their number one target seat. Perhaps Mr Dodds’s comments should be seen in the light of this.

“If you didn’t know better you would almost think the DUP does not want any other pro-union voice from Northern Ireland to be heard.”  

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