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Ulster Unionists condemn attack on Larne War Memorial

Local Ulster Unionist elected representatives in Larne have condemned the latest vandalism of the newly refurbished War Memorial at Inver Gardens in the town.

East Antrim Ulster Unionist MLA John Stewart said:

“I am absolutely disgusted by the paint attack on Larne Cenotaph. This is the second such attack on the Cenotaph in just over a year and comes just a few months after its refurbishment. Those responsible for this shameful and pathetic attack have nothing to offer anyone and clearly have no concept of the values of equality and respect.

“If they had any awareness of their history they would recognise that the Cenotaph represents the sacrifice made by men and women from all backgrounds to preserve our freedom and way of life. A freedom they take for granted.”

Local Ulster Unionist Councillor Andy Wilson, who was a long time campaigner for the Cenotaph at Inver Gardens to be refurbished commented:

“This is the second time in recent years that the Larne cenotaph has been vandalised with paint.  Just like the last time, this comes just after inflammatory comments by Sinn Fein politicians about the unauthorised Easter Rising plaque they were behind in Carnlough.  If not actually directed by them, the comments of Sinn Fein have created the conditions where a republican element have been given the green light to attack the Cenotaph.

“I am absolutely disgusted by this, as are the vast majority of the community from all religious backgrounds.  It’s not good enough to just condemn these attacks when they happen, the words of elected representative must be tempered so that no political cover can be used by the lowlifes who carried this out.”

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