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Failure to set aside money for HIA reparations another kick in the teeth for survivors – Nesbitt

Mike Nesbitt has slammed the Northern Ireland Civil Service over the failure to factor in spend for the implementation of the recommendations of the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry.  In a document published today by the Department of Finance, it is outlined that while preparatory work is premised on full implementation of the report, identification of funding will be for a future Executive and therefore is not included in the forecast. 

Mike Nesbitt MLA said: 

“The Terms of Reference of the Hart Inquiry said that it was up to the Executive to make a decision.  The Head of the Civil Service, David Sterling, said that if there was an Executive he would expect that they would implement Hart in full – something that is reiterated in the budgetary outlook published today – yet there is not a single penny being laid aside for it. 

“This is yet another kick in the teeth for victims and survivors.  They waited for a very long time for some form of justice after being let down for decades by the institutions who should have protected them, and disgracefully they continue to be let down. 

“David Sterling and the Civil Service need to explain what is going on here.  Furthermore, he keeps referring to full implementation, but if he was listening to victims’ groups like SAVIA, he would know that is not what the victims want.”

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