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Barton voices concern at security alert on Fermanagh – Leitrim border

Ulster Unionist MLA Rosemary Barton has expressed her serious concern following a security alert on the Fermanagh – Leitrim border, close to Kiltyclogher and between Garrison and Belcoo.

Mrs Barton said:

“For years the people of this area were subject to a number of terrorist incidents. The IRA was very active in carrying out murders and forcing people to move from their homes, as part of their campaign of ethnic cleansing waged against the minority unionist community in the border area.

“Nobody in the local area or anywhere else in County Fermanagh wants their lives impacted by terrorist activity or to return to those days.

“I have complete faith in the ability of the security services in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to deal with this matter and I once again pay tribute to their professionalism and courage. If anyone has any information that would be help to catch the people responsible for this incident – or any other criminal activity – I would urge them to pass it on to the relevant security services immediately.”

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