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Importance of RHI Inquiry continues to be underlined - Aiken

Steve Aiken OBE MLA has said that in light of today's ruling against a judicial review by boiler owners who took part in the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme, it is vital that the RHI Inquiry gets answers on what went so badly wrong. 

Steve Aiken OBE MLA said: 

“The judicial review by boiler owners demonstrates how messy the fallout of the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme is.

“I am sympathetic to those who legitimately took part in the scheme, on the basis of a letter they received from the then Minister Arlene Foster selling the benefits of the scheme and have now found themselves caught up in one of the biggest financial scandals in Northern Ireland’s history. 

“The importance of the public inquiry into the RHI scheme continues to be underlined.  It is vital that the public get answers as to how it went so badly wrong and who was responsible.”

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