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Ulster Unionists welcome Bombardier ruling

The Ulster Unionist Party has welcomed tonight’s ruling by the International Trade Commission (ITC) which found in favour of Bombardier in its trade dispute with Boeing.

Economy Spokesperson Alan Chambers MLA said:

“This ruling is tremendous news, particularly as the early indications had been rather gloomy. Bombardier is Northern Ireland’s largest manufacturing employer with 4,100 staff based in and around Belfast, an absolutely key component of the local economy.

“The loss of this case would have been a massive blow and was simply unthinkable. A large cloud that was hanging over Bombardier and the workforce has been lifted and for that we should all be extremely grateful. 


East Belfast MLA Andy Allen said:

“I welcome the common sense approach from the International Trade Commission (ITC) in rejecting the protectionist complaint brought by Boeing.

“This ruling is testament to the unwavering campaign by all involved in exposing the complaint from Boeing for what it really was. – a bid to silence a competitor.

“The ruling will come as a huge relief to Bombardier and the thousands of workers and their families.”

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