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Orange Hall attack an attempt to divide people - Barton

The Ulster Unionist Party’s Fermanagh & South Tyrone MLA, Rosemary Barton, has said that the people who attacked a County Tyrone Orange Hall are simply seeking to divide the local community and must not be allowed to succeed.

Mrs Barton said:

“Whoever threw paint at Aghintober Orange Hall on Saturday night is trying to whip up community tensions and create divisions, which they can then exploit further.  

“This was an attack on a valuable community resource in a rural area which is extensively used by a wide range of groups.

“Northern Ireland has had enough of division and mistrust. The only future worth having is one in which mutual respect, trust and tolerance are the order of the day and this clearly frightens the sort of people who would attack an Orange Hall.

“They are obviously so insecure in their own culture that they cannot cope with the existence of anyone or anything which does not fit with their own narrow views. They have nothing to offer but fear and division. 

“The Police have described this attack as a hate crime and I appeal to anyone who can assist them to catch those responsible to come forward immediately. They represent no-one and are the enemies of us all.”

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