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Ulster Unionist Belfast City Councillors call for PSNI to investigate report leak

Ulster Unionist Belfast City Councillors have called for the PSNI to investigate the leak of the report relating to the storage of bonfire pallets to the media.

Alderman David Browne MBE said:

“This is the second occasion that a confidential Council report has been leaked to the media – previously a report on security at Belfast City Hall found its way into the public domain.  We would like to see the PSNI investigating this matter.

“This type of behaviour just breeds distrust amongst elected representatives.  It is totally disgraceful that people cannot respect the confidentiality of reports.

“We have also asked the Council’s Chief Officers to look into this and to outline what actions they will take to prevent this happening in the future.   It is despicable and we as a party group are not prepared to tolerate it.”

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