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Chambers shocked at vicious assault on a young girl in Bangor

The Ulster Unionist Party's North Down MLA, Alan Chambers, has expressed his shock at the vicious and barbaric assault which took place on a young girl in Bangor and which was filmed and shared via social media. 

Alan Chambers MLA said:

"On Sunday afternoon I stumbled upon the social media video of the assault that took place on the Bangor Eisenhower Pier on Friday evening. I could not believe what I was seeing. It was one of the most vicious and barbaric assaults I have had the misfortune to witness. Having been involved in breaking up many alcohol fuelled street fights during my service in the RUC Reserve, this type of ongoing assault was something completely new to me. I found it so disturbing, I had to stop watching it. For anyone still trying to find a copy of it on social media to view, I would advise them to stop looking. It will leave you with visions that will haunt and disturb you.

"I called for a robust police response and I welcome the professional way the PSNI conducted the investigation, especially when the subsequent release of the video demonstrated the full and wicked nature of it. The prompt arrest of suspects and their immediate appearance before a judge reflects how seriously the police viewed this incident.

"I would strongly echo the words of PSNI Chief Inspector Gerry McGrath, who called for no street justice. There is no place in North Down - and nor should there be anywhere - for self appointed judge jury and executioner style vigilantism.

"The police have done their job and will continue to gather the facts for the eventual trial of the suspects in a court of law. This is the only acceptable place for justice to be dispensed.

"Again I congratulate the police for their prompt actions in relation to this matter.

"I am sure that I speak for everyone in North Down in wishing the young victim a speedy recovery from her wounds and that she will eventually be able to put the undoubted mental scars of her terrifying ordeal behind her."

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