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Irish Government cannot continue to simply reject UK proposals to resolve post-Brexit border issue

Ulster Unionist MLA Steve Aiken OBE, has said that it is ridiculous for the Irish Government to continue to reject out of hand UK Government proposals to resolve the issues around the Irish border post-Brexit.

Steve Aiken OBE MLA said:

“We have heard the Irish Government spend the last number of months lecturing on what won’t work as a resolution to the post-Brexit border issue, but have heard little from them in terms of constructive proposals.

“The reality is that if they are serious about protecting the people of Northern Ireland and the Republic from the sharpest edges of Brexit, rather than just narrow minded pre-electioneering, then they must engage with the UK on the issue.  To continue simply rejecting proposals out of hand is ridiculous.

“We have met with the Taoiseach and Tánaiste many times and they are not in any way naïve, so it is difficult to see how this isn’t a high risk strategy from them that is deliberately undermining over three decades of consensus building across the Irish Sea.  Everyone on these Islands’ deserves better.”

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