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Ulster Unionists urge You Tube to explain deletion of band accounts

The Chair of the Ulster Unionist Councillors’ Association, Trevor Wilson, has called on You Tube to explain why, over the weekend, it chose to close down a number of accounts and remove footage of local marching bands.    

Councillor Trevor Wilson said:

“The local band scene is thriving and is a key part of unionist culture, providing a great deal of colour and musical skill throughout the summer months, and is the source of pleasure and enjoyment for tens of thousands of people.  

“Over the weekend, I and a number of party colleagues, including former MLA Jenny Palmer, have been approached by members of the local band fraternity regarding action taken by You Tube.  

“There is a great deal of anger out there that a number of accounts have been closed without explanation or warning, and hundreds of hours of footage lost as a result.

“I am therefore calling on You Tube to explain why they chose to take the action they have and to re-instate the footage they have removed.”

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