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Hussey condemns latest sectarian attacks on Londonderry’s Fountain Estate

The Deputy Mayor of Londonderry & Strabane, Councillor Derek Hussey, has condemned the latest attacks on Londonderry’s Fountain estate.   

Councillor Hussey said:

“The Fountain has come under attack in recent weeks for one reason and one reason alone – pure sectarian hatred.

“This is a small Protestant community whose very existence is an affront to a section of republicans who will not be content until all Protestants are removed from the west bank of the Foyle. Republicans embarked on a campaign of ethnic cleansing of Protestants in the early 1970s and now a new generation seems determined to try to finish the job.   

“Thirty petrol bombs were thrown last night, some at the Fountain, the rest at the Police. This is nothing less than attempted murder and cannot be tolerated by the authorities.  

“The scale of this disorder would not be tolerated anywhere else in the United Kingdom or the Republic. This is a stain on the city of Londonderry and must be highlighted far and wide.

“As I said previously, all the people of the Fountain want is the equality and respect that others talk about. These attacks must stop and they must be stopped.”


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