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Hussey condemns attempted murder of Police Officers in Londonderry

Alderman Derek Hussey, the Deputy Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District Council, has condemned the attempted murder of police officers in Londonderry overnight and also those involved in another sectarian attack on the Fountain Estate.

Alderman Hussey said:

“The attempted murder of Police Officers in the City of Londonderry overnight is absolutely abhorrent and is to be condemned. I am also disgusted that the Fountain Estate has had to endure yet another sectarian attack on what is a small Protestant community. There is clearly a very sinister element involved. Some have tried to play this down as kids acting up over the summer months. That is clearly not the case. These are well orchestrated, co-ordinated attacks on the PSNI and the Fountain Estate.

“I would appeal to those with influence within the republican community to do what they can to halt these attacks and to give the police their full unequivocal support. If people have any information which could bring to justice those involved in the attempted murder of police officers or the sectarian attacks on the Fountain Estate, they should pass that to the PSNI and to do it before someone is killed.”

"I visited the Fountain Estate yesterday and the message I have clearly received from residents is that they want protection and prevention prior to any such attacks happening. The resolve and forbearance of this beleaguered enclave is to be admired whilst they endure such despicable intolerance.”

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