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Ulster Unionists remember victims of Narrow Water Massacre

The Ulster Unionist Party has commemorated the victims of the Narrow Water Massacre, a terrorist atrocity which occurred thirty nine years, ago resulting in the murder of 18 soldiers by the IRA.

The tribute was paid by UUP Representatives Councillors David Taylor and Jill Macauley, Doug Beattie MLA, Alan Lewis and Josh Lowry.

Speaking on behalf of the Ulster Unionist Party, Councillor Taylor said:

“The Narrow Water massacre was one of the darkest days of the Troubles and the loss of those brave soldiers is still remembered by the law-abiding community in the local area.

“It is vitally important that incidents such as the Narrow Water Massacre, where members of our armed forces paid the ultimate sacrifice, are never forgotten. The brave men who lost their lives that day were here to help the people of Northern Ireland by bravely combatting terrorism and seeking to uphold law and order.

“It was a privilege to pay tribute to them today on the 39th anniversary of the bombings and to show that they have not been forgotten.”

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