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Great to have positive progress on Enniskillen bomb memorial - Barton

Ulster Unionist MLA Rosemary Barton has welcomed the progress on the site for the Enniskillen Bomb Memorial.

Mrs Barton said:

“While it would have been ideal to have this matter sorted for last year’s 30th anniversary of the bombing, which caused so much murder, destruction and heartbreak to families, I sincerely welcome the current progress.

“Credit and thanks must go to Dean Kenneth Hall for his leadership in this initiative, supported by the continued resilience and foresight of the Ely Centre and most importantly the victims of this event, for their continued perseverance on this project. Although the delays have been unfortunate it must be recognised that others have played their part with this current progress, including St Michael’s Diocesan Trust and representatives of the Clinton Centre.

“I trust now that agreement has been reached there will be no further impediments or unnecessary difficulties put in the way of this development.

“After so much turmoil, the families deserve the opportunity to have this memorial to the victims in place and give them this location that is permanent and of their choice, to remember their loved ones.”

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