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The Ulster Unionist Party has noted the challenging 65 page disclosure letter by the Police Ombudsman into Máiría Cahill’s complaint following her long fight for justice after being abused by the senior Republican, Martin Morris.

Strangford MLA and former Commissioner for Victims and Survivors, Mike Nesbitt, has backed Máiría’s call for both the President of Sinn Féin and the PSNI Chief Constable to answer key questions about what happened.

Mike Nesbitt MLA said:

“There should be no excuse, cover-up or hiding place for anyone engaged in child abuse, yet this was the case with Máiría’s abuser. Sinn Féin never disclosed he was even a member of their party, yet the Ombudsman’s disclosure letter reveals the police had intelligence in the year 2000 that Martin Morris had been suspended by the party for suspected child sex abuse. Mary Lou McDonald needs to explain why her party was so highly economical with the truth. As a party that makes much noise about their dedication to the protection of the vulnerable, they lack all credibility when they fail to come clean about abusers within their own ranks.

“The Ombudsman also reports that intelligence was received by the RUC CID and Special Branch surrounding Martin Morris and his activities as early as 2000 and that PIRA were investigating him, yet the police did not take action. This was a missed opportunity for justice. Máiría Cahill wants to know why George Hamilton has not initiated a Serious Case Review. I support her call for a meeting with the Chief Constable. This is important to give Máiría the opportunity to understand why she was failed by those charged with her protection and equally for the PSNI to inform and improve their future actions by hearing first hand from a victim of serious abuse and cover up.”

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