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The legitimate concerns of Unionists should not be dismissed in Brexit negotiations - Swann

Ulster Unionist Party leader, Robin Swann MLA, has warned that the legitimate concerns of Unionists must not be dismissed in Brexit negotiations. Mr Swann and Jim Nicholson MEP will meet with the EU Chief Negotiator, Michel Barnier on Tuesday morning in Brussels.

Robin Swann MLA said: 

“It is very important that the voice of Unionism is heard by those leading negotiations during this critical phase. 

“As Unionists it is vital to us that the constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom is preserved throughout this process, but it is also clear that in terms of the economic well-being of Northern Ireland any border along the Irish Sea would be as harmful as a no-deal Brexit. 

“We will be making it clear to Michel Barnier that there is a significant cross section of society in Northern Ireland who are deeply concerned at the current proposed backstop and the implications it would have for everyone in our part of the United Kingdom - they are just as deserving of having their legitimate concerns recognised and addressed. They should not be dismissed.

“The fact is that unionists who voted to remain a part of the European Union did so on a UK - wide basis. I speak to remain voting unionists every day who are deeply concerned at the prospect of Northern Ireland facing any border between us and the rest of the United Kingdom. 

“The Prime Minister has said numerous times that she will not allow Brexit to break up the United Kingdom.  We made it very clear in our meeting with the British Ambassador that the UK Government must hold steady in the final stages of negotiations.”

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