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Chambers urges public to engage in Local Policing Review consultation process

Ulster Unionist Party Policing Spokesperson, Alan Chambers MLA, has encouraged everyone to make their views known as part of the public consultation on the Local Policing Review 2018, which ends on 9th November.

Alan Chambers MLA said:

“In the face of ever-dwindling resources, the PSNI needs all of our help to figure out where best to use those resources to tackle crime and keep our communities safe. It is the people on the ground that experience the way the PSNI operate and they are therefore well placed to offer suggestions as to what improvements can be made.

“This consultation was designed with the ordinary person in mind. Instead of spending hours trying to come up with detailed written responses, it simply takes a quick 10 minutes to complete the consultation through the online Priority Simulator. This is because of the interactive nature of the consultation, which simply involves allocating resources to different areas of policing, based on what you as an individual perceive to be the most important issues.

“In my role as Policing Spokesperson, I constantly have people coming up to me with advice on how the PSNI could operate better. This is now your chance to help enact that change. Whether you are a former Officer, currently serving, or a member of the public with no experience of the PSNI whatsoever, I urge you to make your views known in this consultation. The PSNI is there to serve us and keep us safe, and it is vital that the public provide their perspectives on how they can better achieve this.

“I would like to sincerely thank all Police Officers for the work they do every day, and for their leadership who have been promoting awareness of this important consultation.

“You can complete the consultation through this link: link:

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