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Robinson at it again - Empey

Ulster Unionist Peer Lord Empey has said that Peter Robinson’s latest comments about will be greeted with incredulity by those who remember the decades he spent talking tough and lambasting fellow unionists.  

Lord Empey said:

“Last time it was a border poll and talks about a United Ireland; before that the disgraceful legacy proposals that will lead to years of uncertainty and anguish for thousands of former soldiers and police; and before that was the shrine at the Maze. Now Peter Robinson says he couldn't care less about an Irish Language Act!

“Each one of the above are key Sinn Fein demands, and each one - to one degree or another - has received backing from Peter Robinson, leaving ordinary unionists wondering just what is going on with him.

“I have expressed concern about his behaviour before and this latest example of his seemingly supportive comments for a Sinn Fein demand should have all unionists concerned.

“If he was so keen on building up trust with republicans and nationalists and regretting that he did not engage directly with them rather than via the Government, perhaps he should examine his campaign of vilification of those unionists who did so years before himself!”

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