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Vital that minds now focus on getting the right deal for the United Kingdom – Swann

Reacting to news that the Prime Minister Theresa May MP has won a confidence vote within the Conservative Party, Ulster Unionist Party Leader, Robin Swann MLA said:

“Now that the question of the Leadership of the Conservative Party has been settled, we now need to see the Prime Minister and her Government working to ensure that our concerns in relation to the backstop are addressed.

“It is vital that minds now focus on the most important task at hand - to make sure that the United Kingdom leaves the European Union with a deal that works for the nation in its entirety.  The Prime Minister must return to the negotiating table to get a deal which preserves the economic and constitutional integrity of the UK. And if more time is needed to get the right deal, then the Prime Minister should seek to extend Article 50 and ensure that we don’t leave with ‘no-deal’.”

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