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Nicholson anger at Bradley’s blackmail threat

Ulster Unionist MEP Jim Nicholson, who was instrumental in establishing the PEACE Programme, has responded angrily to Secretary of State Karen Bradley linking future PEACE funding post-Brexit to support for the PM’s withdrawal agreement.

Jim Nicholson said:

"The decision by London, Dublin and Brussels to fund the PEACE Programme post-Brexit and beyond the current PEACE IV scheme should not be linked to support for Theresa May’s bad deal.

“This is a crude and quite frankly insulting attempt at blackmail and is doomed to fail.

“This statement is the latest in a series of ill-judged and irresponsible comments from the Secretary of State.  Recent reported comments by the Secretary of State on a border poll, simply help to embolden Sinn Fein and create further destabilisation in Northern Ireland.

“I am appalled by the Secretary of State’s behaviour – she is doing enormous damage to Northern Ireland.”

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