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£410m shortfall in public finances an indictment of SF/DUP mismanagement – Aiken

Ulster Unionist Finance Spokesperson, Dr Steve Aiken MLA, has said the revelation that Northern Ireland is looking at a major shortfall of over £410m in next year’s Budget is a direct legacy of years of the DUP and Sinn Fein mismanaging Northern Ireland’s public finances.

Steve Aiken said:

“Today the political parties in Northern Ireland received a series of briefings on the 2019/2020 Budget and on the proposed revised legislation for the RHI scheme. It is regrettable that the paucity of information given means that the political parties, as well as the public, have little information on which to decide whether Northern Ireland is being efficiently managed or not.

“It is now three years since the then Finance Minister failed to provide a budget, and despite the so-called Confidence and Supply money, we are still looking at major shortfall in next year’s finances.

“If ever there was an indication of the last 10 years of DUP/SF mismanagement of public finances and the failure to reform our public services, it is now.

“It is unbelievable that despite additional funding, we are still looking at massive shortfalls across our public services in only 5 weeks’ time.

"At the same time, we also need legislation to be passed to make sure Arlene Foster’s flawed RHI scheme continues, albeit on a much reduced manner, as another failure to deliver a viable energy policy for Northern Ireland.

“Today has yet again shown that the combination of the SpAdocracy and the Felons Club have left an unenviable legacy for all the people of Northern Ireland. We deserve much better.”   

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