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Kennedy lambasts Verhofstadt for ‘inappropriate meddling’ in UK MEP election

Ulster Unionist European election candidate Danny Kennedy has criticised the EU’s Brexit co-ordinator Guy Verhofstadt for joining Vince Cable on the campaign trail in London on Friday to canvass for support to block Brexit.

Danny Kennedy said:

“Guy Verhofstadt is meant to be the European Parliament’s Brexit co-ordinator. It’s totally inappropriate therefore that he thought it was somehow acceptable for him to get personally involved with the European election campaign of a Party which is openly committed to blocking the 2016 referendum result. 

“It is the sheer arrogance of the European Union elite – of which Verhofstadt is a key member – which many members of the British public find so intolerable.

“Only in recent days in newly released footage he was filmed laughing at the UK’s efforts to secure a Brexit deal, as well as appearing to mock Theresa May. He’s also a man who has even insulted more than half of the British electorate by calling them ‘stupid’ for voting to leave the EU.

“Whilst I respect the position he has been given within the European Parliament, the reality is that the upcoming elections on the 23rdMay in the UK are a matter for the British public and them alone. Guy Verhofstadt has no business meddling in them.”

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