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Bombardier`s Belfast CRJ workforce deserve clarity on future plans

Ulster Unionist MLA Steve Aiken has called on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to urgently clarify its intentions for the CRJ aircraft programme in Belfast.

Steve Aiken said:

“Bombardier is one of Northern Ireland’s largest and most important employers. When it was announced earlier this year that the company had put its entire Northern Ireland operation up for sale it understandably caused serious concerns – not only for its direct workforce but also for the many thousands of other jobs that rely on it.  

“In the total absence of any real information – by either Bombardier or Mitsubishi Heavy Industries – we simply do not know whether this purchase is a good thing or a disaster for local jobs and the Northern Ireland economy.

“My Party will be requesting an urgent meeting with Mitsubishi to try to establish what their long-term plan is for the hundreds of staff on the Queens Island site.”

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