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Wilson condemns sinister graffiti at a former Police Station in County Tyrone

Cookstown Ulster Unionist Councillor Trevor Wilson has condemned the appearance of threatening graffiti on the walls of the former Police station in Stewartstown, naming people who they allege to be prison officers.

Councillor Trevor Wilson said:

“I totally condemn the appearance of this graffiti which is clearly designed to threaten and intimidate people - particularly the three who are named - alongside the letters ‘IRA’ and the image of a rifle.  

“Given the murders of Prison Officers David Black in November 2012 and Adrian Ismay in March 2016, any potential threat to officers has to be taken seriously.

“It is imperative that the Police and the Security services continue their good work to disrupt the activities of the organised criminal gangs who are still addicted to threatening and using violence, and that in the meantime, Police and Prison Officers take steps to ensure their personal safety in the face of the ongoing threat.”


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