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Government should have intervened over Harland & Wolff – Andy Allen MBE MLA

Andy Allen MBE, Ulster Unionist MLA for East Belfast, has criticised the Government, Northern Ireland departments and Invest NI for failing to intervene to support Harland & Wolff.

Andy Allen MBE MLA said:

“The inaction from the UK Government, NI departments and Invest NI over Harland & Wolff is nothing short of disgraceful. This shipyard should be a huge strategic asset for the United Kingdom`s shipbuilding and manufacturing industry, but they have failed to intervene and seem content to let it go to the wall. The government was willing to pump billions of pounds into supporting the banking industry during the financial crisis, yet they can`t find the relatively small financial resources to support Harland & Wolff.

“I wrote to NI departments and Invest NI regarding the position which Harland & Wolff found itself in and to be honest, their response has been slow, weak and feeble. And given the DUP`s relationship with the Government, I would have expected a lot more.

“If they had the will, they could find a way through this. Instead there has been a collective shrug of the shoulders, and it now looks like either a vulture fund or some other opportunist will be allowed to come in and pick over Harland & Wolff`s corporate carcass. Little thought has been given to the workers who have been so unceremoniously dispensed with. It`s just not right.

“While it is only a matter of hours before administrators are officially appointed it still isn't too late for the Government to do the right thing for Harland & Wolff and its workforce.”

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