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Lord Rogan welcomes Queen’s portrait being restored to Stormont House

Ulster Unionist Peer, Lord Rogan, has said that the Queen’s portrait being returned to Stormont House still leaves the question of why it was removed in the first place unanswered.

Lord Rogan said:

“I welcome reports that the Queen`s portrait has been restored to its proper place in Stormont House. I am glad that some common sense has been applied. If, as it appears, this was due to the influence of Secretary of State Julian Smith MP, fair play to him.

“It`s a pity that the common sense which now appears to have been applied to this issue hadn`t been on display in the first place and could have avoided the embarrassment heaped on the NIO.

“However it still doesn’t answer the question about why the Queen`s portrait was taken down in the first place. I`ll continue to attempt to get to the bottom of this and why compensation was awarded.”

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