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Department of Health Brexit briefing provides a degree of reassurance - Beggs

Following a detailed Department of Health briefing on its Brexit contingency planning, Ulster Unionist Health Spokesperson Roy Beggs MLA has said he was glad to receive a degree of reassurance that there is significant planning taking place for when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.  

Roy Beggs said:

“Brexit will inevitably have major implications for health and social care across Northern Ireland. A no-deal exit in particular could have a drastic effect on patient care as the availability of staff, medicines and vaccines could all be impacted if not adequately planned for and managed.

“During the briefing I was reassured to learn that a degree of stockpiling of key drugs and medical devices has already occurred, as well as planning for other time-sensitive medicines in order to minimise risks to patients.

“Last week I revealed there were almost 7,500 vacancies across the local health and social care system. It is essential therefore that there are no barriers put in place to impede or deter existing staff who are an essential part of the local health and social care system.

“This was a very useful briefing, especially to provide a degree of reassurance even in the worst case scenario of a no-deal Brexit in only six weeks’ time.”

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