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At present a bridge to Scotland is nothing other than a distraction tactic from the DUP – Stewart

Ulster Unionist Infrastructure Spokesperson, John Stewart MLA, has said the DUP and Conservative Party are again using the idea of bridge to Scotland as a distraction tactic in response to the increasing prospect of a damaging border down the Irish Sea.   

John Stewart said:

“Every now and again the idea of a bridge between Northern Ireland and Scotland re-emerges.

“The timing of this latest development I suspect is more than just coincidental. It comes on the very same week that the prospect of a damaging border down the Irish Sea, under the possible sanction of the Conservative Party, has raised its head.

“The focus on the bridge is at present nothing other than distraction tactics from the DUP.

“There are a host of capital projects right across Northern Ireland that are much more in need of funding. Schools and hospitals are crumbling as a result of being starved of essential funds and now our roads are becoming increasingly gridlocked.

“Over two years ago the DUP claimed that they had secured funding in the confidence and supply deal to build the York Street Interchange. But that project has never even started. Perhaps instead of engaging in stunts and smokescreens, the DUP would be better highlighting the projects that Northern Ireland actually needs right now.”

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